[][src]Struct rusoto_s3::UploadPartRequest

pub struct UploadPartRequest {
    pub body: Option<StreamingBody>,
    pub bucket: String,
    pub content_length: Option<i64>,
    pub content_md5: Option<String>,
    pub key: String,
    pub part_number: i64,
    pub request_payer: Option<String>,
    pub sse_customer_algorithm: Option<String>,
    pub sse_customer_key: Option<String>,
    pub sse_customer_key_md5: Option<String>,
    pub upload_id: String,


body: Option<StreamingBody>

Object data.

bucket: String

Name of the bucket to which the multipart upload was initiated.

content_length: Option<i64>

Size of the body in bytes. This parameter is useful when the size of the body cannot be determined automatically.

content_md5: Option<String>

The base64-encoded 128-bit MD5 digest of the part data. This parameter is auto-populated when using the command from the CLI. This parameted is required if object lock parameters are specified.

key: String

Object key for which the multipart upload was initiated.

part_number: i64

Part number of part being uploaded. This is a positive integer between 1 and 10,000.

request_payer: Option<String>sse_customer_algorithm: Option<String>

Specifies the algorithm to use to when encrypting the object (e.g., AES256).

sse_customer_key: Option<String>

Specifies the customer-provided encryption key for Amazon S3 to use in encrypting data. This value is used to store the object and then it is discarded; Amazon does not store the encryption key. The key must be appropriate for use with the algorithm specified in the x-amz-server-side​-encryption​-customer-algorithm header. This must be the same encryption key specified in the initiate multipart upload request.

sse_customer_key_md5: Option<String>

Specifies the 128-bit MD5 digest of the encryption key according to RFC 1321. Amazon S3 uses this header for a message integrity check to ensure the encryption key was transmitted without error.

upload_id: String

Upload ID identifying the multipart upload whose part is being uploaded.

Trait Implementations

impl PreSignedRequest for UploadPartRequest[src]

fn get_presigned_url(
    region: &Region,
    credentials: &AwsCredentials,
    option: &PreSignedRequestOption
) -> String


impl Default for UploadPartRequest[src]

impl Debug for UploadPartRequest[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for UploadPartRequest

impl !Sync for UploadPartRequest

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