[][src]Struct rusoto_mediapackage::MediaPackageClient

pub struct MediaPackageClient { /* fields omitted */ }

A client for the MediaPackage API.


impl MediaPackageClient[src]

pub fn new(region: Region) -> MediaPackageClient[src]

Creates a client backed by the default tokio event loop.

The client will use the default credentials provider and tls client.

pub fn new_with<P, D>(
    request_dispatcher: D,
    credentials_provider: P,
    region: Region
) -> MediaPackageClient where
    P: ProvideAwsCredentials + Send + Sync + 'static,
    P::Future: Send,
    D: DispatchSignedRequest + Send + Sync + 'static,
    D::Future: Send

Trait Implementations

impl MediaPackage for MediaPackageClient[src]

fn create_channel(
    input: CreateChannelRequest
) -> RusotoFuture<CreateChannelResponse, CreateChannelError>

Creates a new Channel.

fn create_origin_endpoint(
    input: CreateOriginEndpointRequest
) -> RusotoFuture<CreateOriginEndpointResponse, CreateOriginEndpointError>

Creates a new OriginEndpoint record.

fn delete_channel(
    input: DeleteChannelRequest
) -> RusotoFuture<DeleteChannelResponse, DeleteChannelError>

Deletes an existing Channel.

fn delete_origin_endpoint(
    input: DeleteOriginEndpointRequest
) -> RusotoFuture<DeleteOriginEndpointResponse, DeleteOriginEndpointError>

Deletes an existing OriginEndpoint.

fn describe_channel(
    input: DescribeChannelRequest
) -> RusotoFuture<DescribeChannelResponse, DescribeChannelError>

Gets details about a Channel.

fn describe_origin_endpoint(
    input: DescribeOriginEndpointRequest
) -> RusotoFuture<DescribeOriginEndpointResponse, DescribeOriginEndpointError>

Gets details about an existing OriginEndpoint.

fn list_channels(
    input: ListChannelsRequest
) -> RusotoFuture<ListChannelsResponse, ListChannelsError>

Returns a collection of Channels.

fn list_origin_endpoints(
    input: ListOriginEndpointsRequest
) -> RusotoFuture<ListOriginEndpointsResponse, ListOriginEndpointsError>

Returns a collection of OriginEndpoint records.

fn rotate_channel_credentials(
    input: RotateChannelCredentialsRequest
) -> RusotoFuture<RotateChannelCredentialsResponse, RotateChannelCredentialsError>

Changes the Channel's first IngestEndpoint's username and password. WARNING - This API is deprecated. Please use RotateIngestEndpointCredentials instead

fn rotate_ingest_endpoint_credentials(
    input: RotateIngestEndpointCredentialsRequest
) -> RusotoFuture<RotateIngestEndpointCredentialsResponse, RotateIngestEndpointCredentialsError>

Rotate the IngestEndpoint's username and password, as specified by the IngestEndpoint's id.

fn update_channel(
    input: UpdateChannelRequest
) -> RusotoFuture<UpdateChannelResponse, UpdateChannelError>

Updates an existing Channel.

fn update_origin_endpoint(
    input: UpdateOriginEndpointRequest
) -> RusotoFuture<UpdateOriginEndpointResponse, UpdateOriginEndpointError>

Updates an existing OriginEndpoint.

impl Clone for MediaPackageClient[src]

fn clone_from(&mut self, source: &Self)

Performs copy-assignment from source. Read more

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for MediaPackageClient

impl Sync for MediaPackageClient

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